PDF is not always a document

Fridays are not a great day for my year 9 boy. His timetable unfortunately has left him with all academic subjects for the last day of the week.  If my memory serves me correctly his last 2 lessons of the day are double maths!

When he arrived home last Friday he was tired and worn out, but to make things worse, every teacher had given him homework for the weekend, which amounted to a lot of work!  By the time the boy got to Saturday afternoon he was pretty brain dead and grumpy. He had not had his PDF.


My year 11 girl is on the business end of schooling, where it all gets a little more serious and she too is being conscientious and working well and hard on her school work. I am very aware of providing PDF for her.


The situation my kids are in caused me to recall a clip I had seen that talked about
PDF.  The question was asked “How do you know if your kids are overscheduled and overworked?” The thought is that if there is time for PDF and a balance of it then they should be ok!

P = Play time
D = Down time
F = Family time



I really appreciated this acronym and have found myself recalling it on several occasions, but not just for the kids in my house, but for myself and my hardworking Man.


When was the last time we played a card game, when it wasn’t holiday time?
When was the last time we played some backyard cricket, just because?
When was the last time we just sat as a family talking about the things we like or don’t like?
When was the last time we sat down together on the couch and just read? (My Man is reading one of the kids novels ‘Rangers Apprentice’ and loving it)

Since reading finding this acronym, the last time for doing these things is not quite so long ago!


This clip from Geater Good Science by  Christine Carter, is worth a look, and it only goes for 2 minutes… Slow down, take a moment and watch! (Just click on the word ‘clip’ below)








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