A thought about time

Time is something that is becoming quite a topic in our world today.  There are so many things one can do with time and yet there seems to be so little time!

In the past few days I have been forced to stop and not do so many things with my time due to illness and it has actually been a gift! To be able to read and rest without all the “I should be’s….” going around in my head.


I have found in our product driven society that it is easy to think of ‘good use of time’ and ‘waste of time’ instead of just ‘time’. Last night at the tea table one of the boys was telling us how he ‘wasted time’ in his science lesson chatting to a friend.  This was totally out of character for our boy and yet as he spent homework time catching up I found myself reminding him of his ‘waste of time’.  But, what if it was actually a good thing for him to be social and spend that time connecting?  Who am I to categorise it as ‘waste of time’? Sometimes I know I can be so focused that I miss those opportunities to relax and be mindful of the moment.


I think that is one of the things I have enjoyed during this time of rest, time to read and be. There was not the pressure to get things done, that unreasonable list of things, my under estimation of how long it will actually take me to do things.  During my reading I came across something that stayed with me, and maybe it will speak to you too?

” Unreasonable expectations for what we can accomplish in a given period of time sets us up for failure.”(The Fringe Hours by Jessica N. Turner)

May we look at time as a gift and use it accordingly, not feel pressured to continually accomplish and to not feel the guilt and failure when those time demands aren’t met.


2 thoughts on “A thought about time

  1. Thank you for the valuable contents a good reminder about how it is important to ensure that we allow ourselves to incorporate just being into our lives as well as dong and notice how much richer our lives begin to be.


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