Having a strategy

Lately the Man and I went out for a casual dinner.  We did not take any kids along, but we took the diary and a notebook! This may not sound like a romantic night out, but it was a good night out.  We reviewed our term, discussed many different topics and left feeling encouraged.  When we looked at what had happened in the term it made sense of our emotions, but there were still changes in our lifestyle that we knew needed to happen.



Interestingly, we didn’t get time to discuss the changes we wanted to make, which was perhaps a good thing, as a couple of days later I finished reading ‘Mindset’ by Carol Dweck and it gave us the missing link – strategy.

Goals are well and good, but they will stay just that if a strategy is not put in place.  For any change to be made there needs to be a clear strategy, otherwise it will just stay a goal.

Then, there is another important piece of information.  When change happens,when the goal is reached, it needs to be monitored.  It is easy to fall back into old habits – and often the old habits are worse!


This is not to say that change is easy.  Change comes with many challenges, but people who do make changes usually say it was worth it!

So, is there something you want to change? Make a strategy for how you will go about changing it and then once the change has happened, keep checking on it!

R x


One thought on “Having a strategy

  1. I use simple action plans that state the action required who is responsible for each task and give it a deadline date. I use this list to monitor progress on a daily/weekly basis as appropriate. It gives a wonderful sense of achievement and encouragement when you start to complete and tick things off the list. It also provides clarity. Remember to reward yourself with little treats as you make good progress along the way.


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