A Mother’s Day thought

Time can be a difficult thing for a Mother.  There is always so much to be done and yet knowing what to let go, or not, is not an easy thing.


I came across the following from the blog  ‘A Holy Experience’.  It encouraged me in two ways.   One- it is not just me that feels like this way!
Two- what a great reminder to take time and pause with the ticking of the boxes!

“You’d about give your eye teeth and your left arm for more time. More time to get it more right and less wrong.

More time so that you could leave that one more thing that ended up not mattering a hill of beans in the long run, so you could take the time to lay there in the dark with them after prayers and talk about the deep things that only come in the exhale of last light out, and rub their back till they fall asleep.

How about just more time — and internal permission — to surprise with more spontaneous “Mommy-Holidays!” in the middle of the week and go for ice cream and the park and the beach and the woods. More time to not hurry them, badger them, nag them, or manage them like some to-do list that needs to get stroked off, done and tossed before tomorrow’s starts again — but just more time slow down, smile into them, simply enjoy being.”


Here’s to knowing each day is a new day to be thankful for what we have and to slow down to appreciate it.

Have a blessed, special Mother’s Day!
R x




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