Some practical ideas

There is a blog I follow called  Dr. Happy.  This week he posted what he actually does in a week to help flourish.  I thought I would include it here.  I loved the reminder and wondered what would happen, if we did these things, and also our children?!


“Firstly, with regards to WHAT I actually do, there shouldn’t be any surprises when I write that I do my best to apply the principles of Positive Psychology. So every day (or in some cases every few days) I:
write in a gratitude journal,
practice mindfulness,
catch up with or at least talk to friends,
speak with my parents,
plan something exciting for the following week,
thank someone for something they’ve done in the previous week,
reflect on challenges I’ve faced and try to learn something and
reflect upon my strengths and how I’m using them.
Quite literally, I do these things every week without fail!


The next paragraph discussed the reminders put in place to make these things happen, otherwise it is in one ear and other the other.  Personally I use a diary, other people use the phone and apps, others use sticky notes, each person works out their own method that works.

I want to give it a go… how about you?

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