kids and anxiety workshop

This morning one of my kids did not want to go to school. There were tears and tiredness involved.  I watched the rise of tears and then the calm afterwards.  I watched a child then get ready for school and pull himself together incredibly well.

I understand now that there was a ‘wave of anxiety’ that needed to be moved through and we saw it abate relatively quickly.


I will be talking about the ‘wave of anxiety’ and other things at a ‘Kids and anxiety’ workshop that is running tomorrow, Tuesday October 25, at the time of either 9:15am or 7 pm at West Beach Primary school. Duration is approximately 1 hour.

You are welcome to come and bring friends!
Love to see you there.

Rebekah x

5 thoughts on “kids and anxiety workshop

  1. Hi Rebekah, can I ask a question from left field?

    I am employed on a permanent 0.8 part-time basis in HR at the Women’s & Children s Hospital (13 years experience). I also spent 2014 and 2015 as 0.6 Career and Welfare Officer at TAFE Tea Tree Gully (disability case mgmt, counselling). Thinking of temporary career change to SSO (curriculum development, admin) in a school.

    I know the roles are not well paid and competitive.

    I do review the DECD Jobs page

    I did apply for the recently advertised part time temporary SS01 role in the Wellness Hub at Seaton High. Went to referee check but I wasn’t offered the role.

    I’ve been advised that volunteering and focusing on schools in the north, with a disability unit may increase ones chances.

    Just wondering, any particular secret to securing a role in this area?

    I assume the complement of SSO staff at West Beach is stable?



    • Hi, thanks for the question! I don’t know a lot about securing roles in sso positions, especially permanent positions. But, I do know of a few people who have done volunteer work at schools, or completed their studies placement at schools and have then been offered contracts. You sound like you have a lot to offer! I have appreciated your support of the workshops. If you need a certificate so the time can go towards pd hours it can be arranged. I don’t know if this is helpful. I hope it all works out- let me know! All the best

      Rebekah Bleby


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