I’m back!

It has been awhile, but it is great to be back here in this space. Since writing last time I have started a Life Coaching course.  As part of the course I have had to be coached and it has amazed me the clarity it has brought to my thinking.

Sometimes it can be daunting to have an online presence, the social media world can seem so crowded.
But today, as one of my gorgeous teenage sons braved the crowded surf at Byron Bay for the first time, some words came to me: 


“Once you find yourself in the crowd, you find your own space.”

May you ponder and enjoy finding your space.

Welcome to this space of encouragement and kindness
Rebekah x


4 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. HOORAY !! you are back Rebekah – so lovely to hear your (written) voice and to hear you are in Byron Bay.. how wonderful. I think of you often – hoping and trusting all is well. I’d love to see you sometime if you fancy a walk or a cuppa. Lots of love to all, Sarahxxxxx


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