Less hustle and bustle!

I was once asked if I practiced what I preach in regard to what I write on the blog. My answer was that yes I did, as much as possible.
But recently, I don’t think I have practiced what I preach as well as I might. Life has felt out of balance and my body has let me know via headaches and a ‘fuzzy’ head for want of another word!


Weeks ago my Man informed me that I was using the word ‘should’ a lot. Sentences like:
“I should be going for a run.”
“I should be sorting out all the things in the shed.”
“I should catch up with this person.”
“I should not be feeling like this.”
It is such a harsh and unkind word that traps.


Yesterday I took a long solitary walk along the beach. Spring has thought about appearing in my part of the world and it was beautiful. As I walked I started thinking, “What if I only did the things I needed to do and the things I wanted to do?”


That whole idea has been incredibly freeing. As I am faced with situations the questions “Do I need to do this? Do I want to do this?” have helped my decision making and somehow given me more space in my mind.


It seems like a graceful way to live. It has taken away some of the rules that I have harshly put on myself. I am hoping that it will enable me to have more time with less hustle and bustle. I am hoping that it will help me to be a better parent as I live more in the now with my family.
It may mean that there will be less blogging so that I can actually live out the things that I have been reading. Instead of the pressure of trying to put a blog up each Tuesday, it will be “Do I need to share this information? Do I want to share this information?” That will be the test.


Thanks for your kind ongoing support. I just hope that some of the things I share are an encouragement to you.
Love R x

The beauty of silence.

I am having a weeks break from the study. I have missed the ‘soul’ side. Today I want to share about silence.

We had a weekend where I as a Mum packed too many things into the weekend for our family. I hear my own Mother’s voice telling me ‘You run them ragged!’ Don’t get me wrong, we had a lovely weekend catching up and meeting people, such kind, generous people who looked after us so well, it was so lovely to spend time with different people. But, as we returned home on Sunday afternoon I could feel and hear the family exhale and relax. In the time that followed each person found different things to do and entered into a time of silence and being.

Photo Credit: theraggedrobin.co.uk

Photo Credit: theraggedrobin.co.uk

I know that I struggle to find times of silence. I hear many people commenting about the crazy pace of life, the noise in life, the advertising, paperwork demands, the continual fighting against consumerism, the pressure to be socially active and popular, the opportunities to take part in so many fun exciting activities….it is just too hard to choose.

Photo Credit: techdraw.com

Photo Credit: techdraw.com

It was with a ‘amen brother’ that I read the following information on The Minimalist blog.


“Meanwhile, silence quietly calls for our attention. Because only in extended periods of solitude, can we rediscover our hearts and the voice of timeless wisdom in our lives.

The benefits of silence and solitude in a noisy world are significant and life-giving. In quiet moments of reflection:

  • We remove the expectation and influence of others.
  • We hear our heart speak clearly.
  • We reflect on our past and chart our future.
  • We find rest and refreshment.
  • We break the cycle of busyness in our lives.
  • We become better equipped to show patience and love to others.

While anyone can experience silence at any time by finding a quiet place to sit for an extended period of time, I have found solitude does not occur naturally in our noise-centered world. It must be intentionally pursued by each of us.

But for it to be pursued, it must first be valued and desired.”

How much do you value silence?
May you find time today for some quiet moments!


Thought for the weekend

A few weeks ago I read a Christian blog that talked about comparisons and the pain of them. Click here to read.

At different times the thoughts have come back. I know that I do compare and yet there is always someone better off and worse off! I know that comparisons are painful and I know that they can eat away. So, why do we do them?

Pick up a yardstick to measure your life against anyone else’s and you’ve just picked up a stick and bashed your own soul.
(from the above mentioned blog)


Photo Credit: paperpastries.blogspot.com

May you have a weekend with no comparisons amongst the doing.

A weekend with lots of contentment amongst the difficulties.

A weekend with time to stop and be grateful amongst the busyness.

A weekend to refresh and reflect on the good things you have been given amongst the times of giving out to others.


Photo credit: mummywhispererblog.com

Bake a cake!

My beautiful Mum sometimes cuts out newspaper clippings that she thinks are of interest to me and she is usually spot on. In the last lot of readings there was one that I want to share with my fellow blog readers. It was in Mum’s local rag, ‘Southern Times Messenger’ on Wednesday October 30 this year, page 25.  It is written by Monique Bowley, titled ‘Baking enjoys its time in sun’.


Photo Credit: familymealsandcookingtips.com

At the Royal Adelaide Show this year, there was a record number of baking entries, it seems that baking is on the rise! Bowley asks the question ‘why bake when you can just buy it?’

“We’re a wealthy country and frugality or homeliness has never been at the forefront of our frantic minds. We’re too busy getting it done.  Having it all.  Busyness has become an addiction – we wear it as a mark of worth – if I’m busy, I must be achieving.

Every day unconsciously we are filling our lives with a paralysing litany of options and information.  We’re told we can be whatever we want, have whatever we need.  Then whatever we are, we always want more. We’re pulled in a million different directions – we give, take and want of each other and we fill the gaping chasm of life with complexities and busyness and buying stuff.

It’s in the big issues that we feel helpless about and the small ones that wear us down.  We grind through work and life, the chaos of the weekday school run, the reams of mail that pile up, the deadlines and paperwork and forms and bills, the days grate on, and on the weekend we’re supposed to dream big and dance like no one is watching…..

Baking is the voice among the chaos that says: shut up. This gentle art is the perfect antidote to modern life.  It’s warm. It’s frugal. It’s resourceful. It makes the house smell like heaven and the sense of joy and achievement from a warm batch of home-baked muffins is like no other.

It’s simplicity is its strength.  Its requires concentration, yes and focus too…Lick the spoon.  Make a mess.  Put it in the oven and hope it turns out.  If it doesn’t, laugh it off, call it rustic and eat it anyway.”


Photo Credit: lehighvalleymarketplace.com

Let’s get out the cake tins, the ingredients, the apron and turn the oven on!

Or, is there another activity that does the same for you?