It can be tough

I read this yesterday and wanted to copy and paste it so my readers can just read it! In this world of sleek advertising and media telling us what we should do, look like and achieve I loved reading this about the ‘normal’ people, those of us living each day as it is.  May you be encouraged and inspired.


It is from Joshua Beckers Blog

Here’s to All of You Trying to Make the Most of a Bad Situation

I have a beautiful friend. She is the single-parent of two equally beautiful daughters. Her husband left when the second was born with special needs.

Coincidentally, my neighbor is a single father of two. His wife left him, choosing a life of drugs over a life of responsibility.

My guess is you will never hear the names of these two amazing individuals. You’ll probably never read their blogs or follow them on Facebook. And their faces will probably never be on the cover of a magazine. But I can tell you, without a doubt in my mind, they both work harder at life than I do.

This past Saturday, I got up early to do some work on a new book. In the early morning hours while the sun was still rising, I drove to a quiet location to write. Enroute, I passed a young man, significantly overweight, out jogging. He was sweating profusely. And I was inspired because of it.

His body-shape isn’t the type you’ll see on posters in the local fitness center. But here was a guy, up early on a Saturday morning, working hard to change his life while most of my neighbors were still sleeping.

One more story.

Last week, a colleague of mine led a funeral for a friend who had recently died of a drug overdose. The deceased was a young man who had been born addicted to heroin.

Through no fault of his own but because of the actions of his mother, he waged war against addiction every day of his life. Some days, he won. Some days, he lost. In the end, it took his life.

As my colleague shared his story, he summed it up this way:

Our lost friend will, unfortunately, be remembered by most as a drug addict. But that’s not the man I knew. Quite the opposite in fact. I will remember forever my friend as the man who fought endlessly against an addiction unfairly passed onto him. I will remember him as a man who worked hard to make the most of a bad situation.

Our world loves to glorify beautiful people. We look up to and praise those who have seemingly accomplished much in visible measures. We lift up as role models and examples those who excel in sports, write books, own the stage, or excel in business and politics. And I don’t want to look down on those accomplishments and those examples, there is much we can learn from them.

But let’s face it: Life can also be messy. And not everybody gets to live in the limelight as one of the beautiful people. Some people find themselves struggling to just tread water through very difficult circumstances.

Sometimes, the trials we face in life are a result of our own doing. Sometimes they are a result of a wrong committed against us. But there is little doubt we are surrounded by people facing unfair circumstances in every direction we look.

And many of them, those fighting to make the most of it, deserve our respect and our praise. But they are often overlooked by a society that often praises all the wrong measures of success.

So allow me today… in my own small little way… to recognize those of you who are working hard to make the best of a bad situation. We see you and we applaud you.

Here’s to those of you raising kids without the support of a responsible partner.

Here’s to those of you striving to overcome the cycle of poverty or addiction in your family.

Here’s to those of you working two jobs to provide your children with more opportunity than you had growing up.

Here’s to those of you working to change the unhealthy habits that have defined your life for too long.

Here’s to those of you who have been treated unfairly in the workplace and are working hard to start again.

Here’s to those of you battling a disease that seeks to destroy your body.

Here’s to those of you caring faithfully for a loved one who is nearing the end.

Here’s to those of you who have been knocked down by life, but are staggering to get back up.

We see you and we applaud you.

Not only that, we also thank you. Thank you for inspiring us. And thank you for working hard to make life better—not just for yourself, but for those closest to you. We need more people like you in our world.

Love you by your book

I have a child who is struggling at the moment. Today when I asked him ‘What makes you happy?’ his reply was ‘Not much.’
That just broke my heart. I knew he was tired and part of it was a cop out, but I knew it had an element of truth to it. I wanted to stop driving, give him a hug and tell him how much I loved him! (I wished I had……)


Scrolling through some blogs I came across this one that I had read before and knew that I would go back to sometime and tonight was that time. I leave it with you as an encouragement. I leave it with you as a challenge.
I leave it with myself as something so important to follow through- in the words of my husband, ‘We need to nail it to our foreheads!’

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To Love You by Your Book: A Daily Pledge (Hands Free Mama….Click on this for the whole great read!!)

I will study you. I will listen to you. I will watch your face when I use certain words or tones. What brings smiles? What brings pain? I will take note. I will use words that build you instead of break you. When I see that something I do makes you feel uncomfortable and rejected, I will remember and try not to do it anymore.

I want to love you by your book.

I will have one-on-one time with you even if this means having to disappoint people outside my family or make personal sacrifices. Making time to know you may mean declining extra commitments or reducing extracurricular activities. It may mean watching a television show I don’t care for or being willing to learn about your hobbies. It may mean sitting beside you in silence. I vow to be available to you. I vow to show you that you’re worth my time and attention.

I want to love you by your book.

I will tell you all the positive things I notice about you, instead of pointing out where you fall short. There’s enough people who will do that. I will be your encourager. I will be your #1 fan. I want to hear you laugh. I want to see you smile. I want to watch you shine.

I want to love you by your book and witness your amazing story unfold.


Stories of kindness

Over the last couple of months I have felt a little overwhelmed with the different tragedies happening in this wonderful world we have been given. Sometimes I feel some despair and helplessness as faith in the human race is challenged.

There are so many stories of distrust and hurt but recently I have seen little acts of kindness that have encouraged my family and me.


It has been wonderful to share the ‘good’ stories with the kids and encourage them to look around and see kindness around them.  Simple stories like:

*This morning my daughter got to her bus stop and realised she had left her saxophone at home and she needed it. Home is not far, so she asked a lady at the bus stop to ask the driver if he could wait a moment. (I thought her very brave for doing that!)  She ran home, grabbed the saxophone, I told her to jump in the car and we drove back to the stop. There was the bus waiting for her with an open door and a smiling bus driver!


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*My eldest son was sent home from school this week with a suspected broken arm. He was at the really busy hospital for over 4 hours. Such a long time, but I appreciated the way my husband did not get grumpy about the time, but noticed how kind and helpful each professional had been. What a nice way to see that world.
That night his teacher rang to check on him and then the following morning the front office lady who had looked after him walked out into the school grounds when she saw us to find out what had happened. Such thoughtfulness. (And yes, it was broken.)

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*Last week as I was driving through some heavy traffic I noticed a car flashing its lights. As I progressed up the road I saw cars had stopped. I was looking around wondering what was happening and then out of the corner of my eye, I spotted the trouble. There, waddling quite happily across 5 lanes of traffic, was a mother duck and her 12 ducklings. The world had stopped for this beautiful part of nature.


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May you and your family be able to see, be encouraged  and be part of some kindness this weekend!

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Change your perspective

“Change your perspective and you change everything.”

This was the title that went with the following link that shows amazing aerial photos from a satellite. My kids really enjoyed them.

For me, the title was powerful.
It is the end of a weekend, I haven’t had time to blog at all this week and in patches of time the word ‘overwhelmed’ has come to mind. So many things to do, so many needs to be met and in many cases so many limitations effecting my response to these needs.

The whole idea of changing my perspective is powerful, challenging and encouraging.


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Are there areas that you can change your perspective on – maybe to a beautiful one like many of the photos?

Do you need to encourage someone you know to look from a different perspective – even one of your kids?
If you can, take time to look at the link.
Blessings for the week ahead.
R xx

Thought for the weekend

“Know what lifts the spirits of the people you love.
Don’t stint on that.”
(Daily Acts of Love   Stephanie Dowrick)

Holidays have started in my household. No school drop offs. Time to be together. I love the above quote and see it as a challenge and a gift. May you find time to ‘know what lifts the spirits’ of those around you and then implement it when you can.

Love r xx


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