A 2 year anniversay with a top 5 list!

It is 2 years today that I started this blog. A big thank you to those who have supported me, (especially my family who I love so dearly) encouraged me and engaged with me in some way during this time. It has been a humbling experience to share, learn and try to live out what I read.

As I reflected on my own personal learning it was interesting what things have stayed with me. Here is a quick list of  5 of things that quickly came to mind when I thought about the ideas that have made a difference for me:

1. Being grateful is so important. After a hectic day or when I am feeling a bit negative, I really find it so good to think of 3 things I am grateful for and why. Also, I find I want to express thanks to those around me, such a great thing to do!


2. Living simply. There is so much research that shows that things do not make up happy. Each time I read about de-cluttering it makes me want to. The whole minimalist approach has really impacted me. It may not always show, but it is there. Big is not always better. More is not always better. Our whole life in many ways is a life of humility and serving. I am learning more of that each day.


3. Mindfulness. The importance of being in the moment and noticing what is happening around me is something that I am working on. I am aware that I need to do this better. When I do it, it makes such a difference. I love noticing things in nature, the clouds, the birds, my kids….the list could go on!


4. The small moments make up life. Tonight I just loved sitting for a moment with a cup of tea chatting to one of my boys, watching as he lit the fire and listening to the loud crackle of really dry sticks as the fire started. I have found that being appreciative of the small things and moments is a wonderful thing.


5. A growth mindset. Tonight as I drove my daughter home from band practice she was talking about the challenges she faces, being the youngest member in a band of experienced musicians. As I listened she talked about her chord chart knowledge and what she thought was a lack of it, but then mid-sentence she corrected herself and added that magic word – yet! “I cannot do it easily, yet.” It stood out to me that she thrives on the challenge. What a way to think! That is a growth mindset and I know that I am getting better at growing!


The list could go on, but for tonight on my 2 year anniversary, that is it. Except to say, that most importantly all this is undergirded with great thankfulness to a loving, kind, gentle God. He keeps teaching me and forgiving me and being gracious to me as I live each day that He gives.

Blessings and thanks.
R x


Thought for the weekend

A few weeks ago I read a Christian blog that talked about comparisons and the pain of them. Click here to read.

At different times the thoughts have come back. I know that I do compare and yet there is always someone better off and worse off! I know that comparisons are painful and I know that they can eat away. So, why do we do them?

Pick up a yardstick to measure your life against anyone else’s and you’ve just picked up a stick and bashed your own soul.
(from the above mentioned blog)


Photo Credit: paperpastries.blogspot.com

May you have a weekend with no comparisons amongst the doing.

A weekend with lots of contentment amongst the difficulties.

A weekend with time to stop and be grateful amongst the busyness.

A weekend to refresh and reflect on the good things you have been given amongst the times of giving out to others.


Photo credit: mummywhispererblog.com