The importance of touch

One of my boys has had a stressful time lately. He has been struggling to feel good about himself and the situation he is in.  It is both a difficult and yet beautiful thing the way it effects the whole family when just one is feeling out of sorts.


As a Mother there are moments when ‘compassion fatigue’ slips in.  You know, that feeling that you have tried everything and there is not much more to say -but the child is still struggling! The circles are going around and around.


I read these reassuring words in the book ‘the life-changing magic of tidying up’ by Marie Kondo (pg 73)  that I wanted to share here.May you be encouraged and blessed by the simple reminder:

“…we know that gentle physical contact by a parent, such as holding hands, patting a child on the head, and hugging, has a calming effect on children.”


May we give the gift of a hug, a pat and hand holding during this Festive Season – with not just children.