Courage to be small

I don’t usually blog on Thursday’s. In the past I have tried to blog on a Tuesday and Friday, but due to circumstances this has not always happened! But I have decided to try to be more regular again.
I am down a blog or two so I am taking the liberty to write one today as these thoughts are bubbling away and I hope they may be encouraging for some of you.

Recently I read the sentence “May you have the courage to be small”. This has provided a lot of encouragement for me personally over the last week.


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Last night I attended a lecture where Julio Licinio was speaking about depression. He spent time showing clips and listing many famous people who had committed suicide. They had everything available to them, but there was such desperation. His point was that there needs to be more research on the cause and treatment of depression, in fact he has declared ‘war on depression!’

Interestingly today I was reading “The Minimalist”  that was looking at the excesses of life and the lack of happiness that they bring.  So often in our society we think ‘things’ are going to make us happy and yet more and more it seems to not be quite this way. If you have time it is a challenging read, but I have include a few quotes from it.

Harvey Mackay once said, “If you can afford a fancy car, you can make more of an impact driving an ordinary one.”

Gandhi said  “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.”

Often times, it is those who live quietly, humbly, and in the service of others who are the happiest.

Admire success. But do not praise excess. Our society is longing for people who can tell the difference.

May you have the courage to be small.


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