Just breathe

Our world moves at a fast pace.  Each day we experience a myriad of emotions and some are harder to control than others.


I watched this short clip that showed 6 year old kids explaining anger and what can be done.  I wasn’t angry when I started watching it and I wasn’t angry when I finished watching it, but I was definitely more relaxed and mindful by the end.

Just Breathe      (Click on the blue writing to watch – I think you will enjoy it!)

A great clip to show your family  – and kids at school – if you are a teacher!
Enjoy Rx


kids and anxiety workshop

This morning one of my kids did not want to go to school. There were tears and tiredness involved.  I watched the rise of tears and then the calm afterwards.  I watched a child then get ready for school and pull himself together incredibly well.

I understand now that there was a ‘wave of anxiety’ that needed to be moved through and we saw it abate relatively quickly.


I will be talking about the ‘wave of anxiety’ and other things at a ‘Kids and anxiety’ workshop that is running tomorrow, Tuesday October 25, at the time of either 9:15am or 7 pm at West Beach Primary school. Duration is approximately 1 hour.

You are welcome to come and bring friends!
Love to see you there.

Rebekah x

Change someone’s day…

I walked out the door to meet my class after recess and a little boy met me with a bunch of flowers!
“Here Mrs Bleby, I picked these for you!” He looked so pleased with himself.


In the background I could hear one student say “he went out of bounds to pick them” followed by another student “they are only soursobs.”

I chose to ignore these comments.
“I love soursobs, they are so cheery. I love flowers, they brighten my day. I even have a glass on my desk to put them in.”

To me, they could have been a bunch of expensive flowers. I knew they were picked with thought and kindness and so unexpected.

As the week progresses may you find the time and bravery for an act of kindness. Don’t listen to the negative comments around but give the gift of kindness.

Believe me, it will change someone’s day.

Photo Credit: kindredhq.com



Here’s to a year of listening

I want to begin this blog by thanking my followers and those who stumble across my humble words and links. It has been an exciting time for me to read and then share the ‘gems’ that I find. I do hope that you have been as encouraged, helped and challenged as I have! So, a big thankyou from the bottom of my heart for your support and interest, it means so much!


As this year drew to a close, we did a little exercise with our kids where we reflected on the good things of the year, the difficult things and even the bad! I was surprised that as we finished one of the boys piped up suggesting that we talk about the things that we are looking forward to next year, the things we are not and the things we want to change. And, they were very interested in Mum and Dad’s answers!

It made me realise how capable children are of sharing and listening when we give them the time and the space. They love to be listened to and to know what is happening in adult’s lives.


Photo Credit: paramountlearning.co.uk

Listening and sharing is such a powerful thing and yet at times it is such a difficult thing for us as adults to do. May you find the time to listen to those around you, and be brave to share some of your dreams and challenges with them.


Photo credit: liahalsall.com