From little things big things grow

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This week I had the pleasure of meeting the new children in my classes that will become like family over the year. Some of them were beginning school for the first time. What bravery they showed as they were surrounded by so much unknown and in a situation that was so different.

Also this week my second eldest started high school. He did a brilliant job coping with all the changes – catching public transport, moving to different classrooms, managing the lock on his locker, negotiating the big world of meeting new kids, homework, new teachers…the list goes on.


In both these beginnings there are so many new skills to be learnt. For the ‘first timer kids’ they are learning to:  line up, open lunch boxes, decide what food to eat when, visit the toilet at the right times, put a hand up…..the list goes on! All these skills are built upon as they grow older and many of them are automatic by the time High School arrives – just in time for other new things to be learnt!

I was reading the James Clear blog that was discussing the importance of the fundamentals.  He cited an American Football team that went right back to text book basics and then won the competition.

“Throughout our lives, a focus on the fundamentals is what determines our results…..
It is so easy to overestimate the importance of one critical event or one “big break” while simultaneously forgetting about the hidden power that small choices, daily habits, and repeated actions can have on our lives.”


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I was reflecting that as parents and educators it sometimes seems like we are always focusing on the little habits and repeated actions. “Have you cleaned your teeth?” “You need to share.” “How much water have you drunk today?” “Was there a please with that?”

All these fundamentals take time, but they build and add up to great people.
So if you are exhausted with the little things- the fundamentals, be encouraged.

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“For most of us, the answer to becoming better leaders, better parents, better lovers, better friends, and better people is consistently practicing the fundamentals, not brilliantly understanding the details.”
(James Clear)

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Thought for the weekend!

Learning is exciting! Learning is fun! Learning is amazing! Learning is engrossing! Learning is interesting! Learning is this and so much more!

I have had the absolute pleasure of watching some kids worlds enlarge as they learnt just a little about Ancient Egypt, pyramids and Tutankhamun! We made square based pyramids, mummies to go inside and Pharaoh head-dresses. Such fun, such imagination and such mystery.


My Noah with the proto-type head-dress!

This weekend, amongst everything, may you take a little time out to rediscover the joy of learning.
May you find a child, friend or neighbour to share your new found knowledge.
May you find some new enthusiasm for the amazing world around you.



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Learning is…

Today as I stood in a classroom I found myself shocked.  This does not happen very often.  After years of teaching you realise that most behaviour and comments by kids are not really new. What shocked me was the comment:

“We love sport but hate learning!”

To hear the words ‘hate learning’ I felt sad.

Learning is one of the building blocks of life.

Learning is the future of our country.

Learning is the future for the kids themselves.

Learning gives knowledge and knowledge is power.

Learning is exciting.

Learning is knowing and doing.


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This was spinning around in my head today and then I opened a recent post from one of my favourite blogs:

“We are pretty great at talking. But sometimes, we’re not so great at doing.

So as you start this week, whatever it is you’re passionate about, learn about it—read the books, listen to the smarties who can teach your socks off about the topic, and become that person who loves to learn. And then talk about what you’re learning, debate the real issues, and inspire passion in others. But don’t forget to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Real life, where we make a difference and change lives and love on people, means getting dirt under your nails. Love is the liturgy of bringing a mug of coffee to a friend and asking your older neighbor if you can mow her lawn. It’s offering to babysit for that mama who desperately needs a break and it’s helping deliver donations to the food shelter, even when you don’t have much time and have people to feed under your own roof. Don’t just talk about the nobility of simple living so that others can simply live. Do it.”

( is the blog address if you want to read more.)

May you learn much, share it and do it in the path that life leads you each day – as a parent, an educator, a friend and companion to others.

What does learning mean to you?


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