How far have you come?

Last night a few things had been happening so my 8 year old didn’t get time to read aloud. You could have knocked me over with a feather when he informed me before bed time that he hadn’t read and could we please do it in bed before he goes to sleep? Usually he is the one who doesn’t remind me when things fall off the radar and usually his Dad or I read to him aloud before bed time.


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“Wow, how far has he progressed?” was the conversation my husband and I had as we reflected on this change in wanting to read. We had seen it in other areas as well and the excitement on the boy’s face when we discussed the progress was gold. I am sure the chest puffed out a little and the voice became deeper. Interestingly I was then invited to “please have a look through my books at school.”

It can be easy to get caught up in the life of now, to be discouraged by the big distances left to travel and forget to glance back to see where we have come from.

This weekend may you have time to see an area of life that has progressed for yourself.  May you also have a moment to notice some progress in those loved ones around you, and then celebrate it with them. Taking time to reflect can be a good thing!


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